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Project Black Brick - Sold Out

$ 119 
Photographer: Damon Jones, Los Angeles 2019
Size: 11.5" x 11.5"
Medium: 100lb Matte cover
Color: Black
Size: 206 Pieces
Length 6" x Width 2.5" x Height 2"

Say hello to ‘Project Black Brick’ a collaboration between ‘Engineered by Damon’ and Lee Schulz, of ‘PleaseYesPlease’. This brick-based kit comes equipped with exclusive building instructions. Loaded with authentic scaled down details and bespoke, designed parts. This project is full circle for Damon who spent a lot of his childhood building cars out of bricks before his career in building supercars. Just like a real car, 'Project Black Brick' conceptual design was prototyped and refined through several iterations to deliver a well balanced and beautiful scale model perfect for display. This model is now in full production and we are sure this model will bring big smiles to the faces of 'Porsche' fans of all ages.