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Our Journey

Damon graduated from Birmingham University in the UK in 2001 with a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Hons Degree in Manufacturing Engineering. After graduation, Damon set out to explore the automotive world gaining experience and building up knowledge of the industry he loves.

Damon joined MG-Rover Group in the UK as a graduate Project Engineer working in their Process Planning Interior Trim Department in May 2001. In February 2005, Damon was promoted to Principal Engineer of this team. In 2005 MG-Rover, went into administration and Damon moved on to his next venture.

Damon then moved to Aston Martin in Gaydon, UK in 2005 to work as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer. At this time the company was producing just one model, their DB9. He was responsible for the introduction of all new, future VH2 platform vehicles from virtual build into final assembly production for the Manufacturing Engineering department and was part of the team responsible for launching the following vehicles into production: V8 Vantage Coupe, V8 Vantage Roadster, V12 Vantage, V8 Vantage N400 limited edition, and 08MY V8 Vantage/DB9.

McLaren Automotive reached out to Damon in 2011. They had just completed their new factory, MPC (McLaren Production Centre) and had just started building their MP4-12C model at the time. They were in the process of building a Manufacturing Engineering team in Woking, UK which was required to deliver their future business plan. Damon left his friends and family behind in the West Midlands and moved to London to take up this new exciting challenge. With support from his team, Damon was promoted four times during his 5 years at McLaren Automotive and got a lot of personal reward from leading a successful team to deliver an exciting portfolio of vehicles to the market place, MP4-12C, 540C, 570S, 650S, 650 Le Mans, 675LT, 720S, P1. He eventually resigned from his position as Manager of Operations Engineering in July 2016 to take up his next challenge.

Damon moved to the USA in July 2016 and became Director of Operations for Singer Vehicle Design who rebuild and restore the Porsche 911. After initial success he was promoted to Vice President of Operations in December 2017. With increased responsibility and success, he was responsible for managing and supervising all of the work associated with the vehicle restoration from the arrival of the customer’s donor car to final shipment to its customer.

Fast forward to April 2019, Engineered by Damon was founded, an engineering consultancy & lifestyle design atelier based in Los Angeles, California.

“I was not sorry when I left my last job. I loved my job and got so much satisfaction from succeeding at work and helping develop the company I worked at. However, I always knew I had so much more to offer and people kept telling me I should put my ideas into a business and achieve my true potential. My aim is to create something unique from scratch the right way, utilizing my broad experience and learning, cherry picking the good parts and avoiding using the bad. I now get to work with multiple companies rather than just working for one. I learn more from a broader range of people, companies and experiences and I get to help people and companies grow with my business. I get to further my own reputation in the industry and earn name recognition. I am now able to develop my personal brand, and a lifestyle and tie it into my business. Everything before this was a dress rehearsal! It’s time to shake up the industry…”

- Damon Jones


'Engineered' - Skillfully and deliberately arranged rather than arising naturally or spontaneously.

'Engineered by Damon'
was founded by Damon Jones with the vision to support, grow, and develop companies utilizing our vast expertise and experience which we have accumulated over the last twenty years working for some of the world’s leading companies in the industry. We are now working with a range of companies from fresh new startups, to established companies by helping them to develop their strategies, supporting and ramping up production, helping to introduce class leading exciting quality products to the market place in a timely manner.

We have started to explore the field of high quality, bespoke limited run projects in collaboration with other companies in our industry as well as our own stand-alone ventures in the not too distant future.

Our work currently extends across a range of many market sectors – Supercar, Classic Car, Electric Vehicle and Motorcycle, with plans to expand into new sectors in the future. If your project requires some assistance from us, and you do not sit within the remit of one of these sectors, please feel free to contact us. As a progressive company we are happy to consider working on any project and would rise to the challenge. We serve the world.



We immerse ourselves in your world, learning all about your business, your objectives, and challenges. We then develop this into robust strategies and create solutions to support you in achieving your goals.

We will be part of your journey, forging long lasting relationships that support you on your venture.

We are a multidisciplinary team with a broad network and extensive experience that allows us to seamlessly tackle anything a project may need. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for any business, so we ensure our team and approach is centered around each individual client.

Our Approach


Develop, establish, and oversee manufacturing strategies and assembly processes to meet company’s business objectives and operational needs in line with quality, cost, delivery targets, enabling companies to function and compete effectively in the market

Promote and develop continuous improvement from an Engineering and Manufacturing viewpoint to keep ahead of the competition

Supervise and direct the technical personnel responsible for every stage of production to ensure manufacture of a high quality and cost-effective product

Develop concept and detailed processes for Manufacturing, Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures, Product Traceability, Make Vs Buy studies, Production ramp up, Assembly build sequencing, Line Balancing and Facility layout Planning

Determine initial manufacturing feasibility to Product Engineering Design Concepts. Design Reviews, Virtual build studies, Design FMEA / Process FMEA studies

Focus improvement on your manufacturing constraints applying lean manufacturing tools to identify your bottlenecks and constraints and develop solutions: Lean Manufacture, Waste Reduction, Cost Efficiency, Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Value Stream Mapping

Customization – Vehicle visualization services

Auto Upholstery – Restoration, Replacement, Customization of vehicle interiors

Special Projects - Provide everything from bespoke part customization through to building one off bespoke projects or limited edition model runs

Vehicle Recreation – Restoration & Recreation of vehicles of interest

Our team acts on behalf of your organization and can manage any size project, support project management and cross functional activities

Generate timing plans that support full program delivery activities and manage plans for the smooth integration of facilities, equipment and product

Support and oversee projects ensuring the timely delivery of all program aspects from inception to production and beyond

Identify program risk items ensuring corrective actions are in place preventing program delay

Consultation – We evaluate the challenges faced by businesses and take actions to mitigate risks and provide solutions

New Product Introduction (NPI) – We will programme manage your new product through a gateway process to take it from prototype through design and into the marketplace

Lead and/or support prototype build phases on new vehicle programs

Preparation of build facilities for New Product introduction ensuring it is conducive to manufacturing requirements and fit for Manufacturing

Quality Management System (QMS) – Formalize systems that document processes, procedures, responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives

Quality Assurance (QA) – Create a systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements

Quality Audit Process – Create a process for an internal quality auditor that will help determine if a product complies with a set quality standard

Concerns Management – Problem solving, Root Cause Analysis, Containment & Permanent Countermeasures

Lessons Learned Roadmaps – Improve the future by learning from the past and present

Paint Technical Support services

Paint Process Development – Process improvements for the Automotive industry

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Expertise

Paint Protection solutions for internal and external customers

Design for Manufacture & Assembly – Support in designing products that are easy to manufacture and assemble

Product Design – Support/Lead your product development process from initial concept design through to delivery to the marketplace

Engineering Change Process – Create procedures which establish specific instructions for performing controlled engineering changes

Whether your car is yet to be built at it's manufacturer or it's a car you already own we are here to support you in building your dream specification with you, for you.

If you own a car which you didn't originally spec at the factory and somebody had built previously, you may be wanting to make some changes to make it more to your own preference.

All we need is your initial ideas and inspirations and we will do the rest for you. We will work closely with you to deliver your personal specification.

We will supply samples to support your decision making process and final renderings and a build specification which you can hand to your OEM manufacturer or builder.

Provide advice for the selection of appropriate Jigs and Fixtures and tooling requirements to meet vehicle quality and hours per car targets, ensuring operator safety targets are achieved for new designs

Develop tooling, jigs & fixtures through Electronic & Physical prototype vehicle build phases

Manage installation and commissioning of jigs & fixtures, bespoke tooling and equipment by external suppliers through to successful handover, in line with the business plans, cost, timing and productivity targets

Generate detailed technical specifications for procurement of process equipment and facilities

Tool calibration & Control Systems – Creation of Quality Assurance Management Systems to ensure your measurement instruments are measuring correctly

Total Preventative Maintenance – Develop maintenance schedules to ensure your equipment performs and has a lower chance of failing

Factory Line Layout Design – Design of new factories and workspaces and layout changes to improve workflow and optimize space

Inventory Development & Lineside racking solutions

Existing facility modification recommendations to improve optimization and flow

Generate Organizational structuring for your business

Provide Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring of Operations Personnel

Develop effective manpower requirements reflecting volume mix and model specification including method improvements to achieve hours per car target

Recruitment of leading talent

Supply industry experts as and when required

Supply Chain Management - We actively manage supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We cover everything from product development, sourcing, production and logistics

Vendor management - we will control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks to gain increased performance and quality from your vendors

Vendor selection – We will source and recommend vendors who will fulfill your requirements

Consignment Services – We will assist you in the selling of automobiles, motorcycles, automotive services, parts and mid century homes.

Collaborations – We work together with people and organizations to complete tasks or achieve goals.

Promotional Services & Advertising – We will increase awareness, create interest, excite the industry and generate sales for you.

Social Media Marketing – We will use our social media platforms and website to promote your products or services.


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